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April 2007

Jim Bear Talks G-Town Radio

jim bear smile Q: WHAT’S G-TOWN RADIO?  A: G-Town Radio is a 24 hour Internet Radio Station that’s going to be serving local content, community news and great music you don’t find anywhere on the FM dial. AND WHEN ARE WE GOING TO BEGIN HEARING IT?  Well, Gtown Radio is on the air  24 hours a day right now. It’s a fully automated webcast and coming later in May, around the end of May, early June, we’re going to turn it into a real community radio station by, putting local residents on the air."  Jim Bear, Jim_bear_slight_smile

Earl Smith Thinks SEPTA is Great But Wants Newer Cars

earle smith waiting for septa smiling
Q: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE SEPTA TO BE ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE WAY IT IS?  A: I would like to see them improve on the trains, have  newer trains because some of these trains are old and break down. People have to get off and walk and that’s not right to a rider. And I believe they should have the conductors tell the people to put their stuff on the top rack so people can sit down. If a train is crowded, everybody can have a seat…Otherwise SEPTA is great! Earl Smith, SEPTA R7 Mount Airy Train Station.Earle_smith_waiting_for_septa_at_tr

Father Mannion Dedicates Plaque for Michael McKenna, Fairmount Park Guard Who Died in Line of Duty in 1937

msgr michael mannion Q: Can you tell me about today’s plaque dedication? A: Michael McKenna was a Fairmount Park guard who gave his life in the process of  responding to a call where a 16 year old was drowning. There will be 274 ceremonies like this over the next several years. They’re going all the way back to the 1800s to honor fallen officers”. Msgr. Michael T. Mannion, NJ State Police Chaplain, Dedication of Memorial Plaque to Michael McKenna, Gypsy Lane Police Station.Msgr_michael_mannion_shades

michael mckenna plaque

Desiree Jacques Designs and Sells Floral Bouqet Baskets

desiree jacques

"My name us Desiree Jacques and I designed a Jacques e’ Bouquet floral basket arrangement business.  I search all around with the help of my mother, Gladys, and I look for the most unique and quaint and elegant basket containers that I can find. I go everywhere. Some of my baskets are baskets, some are made out of brass, some are made out of boxes, some are made out of trees. I have an actual pine tree." Desiree Jacques, "Jacques e' Bouquet Floral Baskets", Germantown Avenue and Mermaid Lane.