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Mobile car detailers make drone action movie

Mobile car detailing duo make drone movie
​As your correspondent was walking home, a guy operating a drone above was in the street opposite a white sports car idling in the driving lane. Maki Hristo has a mobile car detailing business. Before he and his partner started cleaning and detailing the sports car in a nearby parking lot they were filming the car while it was still dirty with a drone-mounted 4K camera for their aerial “before” shots. Both the “before” and “after” will likely soon be presented among the slick music videos showcasing their detailing talents on Instagram and YouTube @MakiMotors Watch car detailers make movie with 4k drone camera

Take Flourtown Bakery QR code to Facebook page

Bakery QR code

Flourtown Bakery just started a Facebook page announcing its specialties like Flag Day cakes, Father’s day shirt cakes and strawberry shortcakes. On a sign at the checkout counter announcing the Facebook page is a QR code (a unique, small black and white checkered square) Customers  can scan  the pattern with their smartphones to jump  to and follow the Bakery on Facebook. Beth Alio, Flourtown Bakery, Montgomery County, PA. Watch video here.

Home schooling parent switched from public to cyber charter


I KEEP ON RUNNING INTO PEOPLE WHO ARE HOMESCHOOLING THESE DAYS. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IT AND HOW DID YOU GET INTO IT? “I’ve been doing it for four years and I found out about it through my cousin. Actually, I home-schooled [my son] through public school the first year, cyber charter for the past three years. Public school wasn’t good for home schooling. WHAT DO YOU MEAN PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR HOMESCHOOLING? “I went through the public school. I got his books and everything from the public school. They were still getting funded for him but they would just give me the books and let me teach him at home and he would go to public school for testing. They weren’t good. Now the cyber school- they have a lot of support…he has a special ed teacher, a regular teacher and specialized teachers.” Tameica Lawrence of Mount Airy. Watch video interview here.

Marketing women: people mixing up business and personal lives online

beth brodovsky kimberly stever 

“I think it’s important that as professionals we’re able to differentiate what materials in our personal and professional life are consumable by everyone versus- , Kimberly Stever, eastwtick marketing. “Right, and the other things people are having problems with, I’m seeing a lot, is they’ll go on something like Twitter and they can’t tell who they should be when and where. So you’ll get people either acting like robots where it’s a quote a day and you feel it’s not the actual real person that’s speaking or else you’ll get someone that is mixing up a business message with a family message. Beth Brodovsky, iris creative Strategic Membership Communications.

See video of their conversation here.