How would pro-life student regulate abortion?

Right to abortion?

A student who attends a Christian high school describes himself as "pro-life" and ponders how he would regulate abortion.



I had off because I didn’t have a midterm test at school. I came in to work, 10:30 and after I’ll go sit down somewhere and study for the exam. WHAT’S THE EXAM ON? History, U. S. History. AND THIS IS AT..? Philmont Christian. AND WHAT ERA OF U.S. HISTORY DO YOU HAVE TO KNOW TODAY? It actually goes from the creation of the Constitution to modern day so we learn about cases and amendments, that stuff. DO YOU TALK ABOUT ROE V. WADE IN AMERICAN HISTORY CLASS? Yeah that’s one of the cases. WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT DECISION? Which one is that, again? THE ROE V WADE RIGHT TO ABORTION DECISION? I’m definitely pro-life. I’m against abortion. A small percent of circumstances like rape and stuff like that obviously is really tough, a tough call but I think that even if someone isn’t born, the life is still important. HOW DO YOU BELIEVE THAT SHOULD BE REGULATED? It’s tough to say. I’m not sure, yeah, I’m not sure. Brett Steiger of Abington, Cedars Café, Forbidden Drive and Northwestern Avenue. Watch video here.

Saint Mad's Drummer also taps for the band


Audrey Bookspan of Wyndmoor is a longtime local dance teacher and performer. She once performed with the the Martha Graham Dance Company. She has been the percussionist with Jim Harris and Saint Mad since July 2010. They perform every first Friday at Crossroads Coffee House in Roxborough. Here she taps to "Nice and Easy Does It Every Time." Watch video here


Mount Airy Stars are Baseball Champs


After being tied with the talented and determined Panthers one game to one, on Friday evening, July 15, 2011, the Mount Airy Stars under coaches Andy, Kevin, Paul and Jerry, took the third game in their series to clinch the championship in Roxborough's 21st Ward baseball league play. This team is the pony minor team in the seniors division. The Stars overcame disabling injuries to some of its players in reaching the win. Coach Andy credits the win with lucky unwashed socks he's secretly been keeping in a trophy cabinet at home only taking out for championship games. Watch video clip of award ceremony here.

Red Riding Hood kills Wolf? SCEE's Facts and Fables Outdoor Art Exhibit


Diminutive and softspoken artist Jeanne Jaffe spins the "Little Red Riding Hood" tale at the "Stories of the Natural World: Facts and Fables" outdoor art exhibition that just opened at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. Little Red is represented by monstrous white knee-high legs and the wolf lies on his back with mouth agape atop a swirling blood-evoking satin-red band. They've reversed roles; Little Red represents human civilization that has committed crimes the natural world of the wolf. Watch video here.

Facts and Fables asks, "How do stories affect our understanding of nature?" Seven artists tackle this question. In the video below, new SCEE Executive Director  Mike Weilbacher welcomes the opening day visitors and Jenny Laden, associate director of the environmental art program guides us along the exhibit path. Laden  discusses the work of artist David Dempewolf ("Carelessness and Inattention Can Afford Us Any Remedy") Jeremy Beaudry talks about his book/writings in "NatureStudy: An Ambivalent Guide" and Susan Hagen talks about her carved wood, post-mounted "Oil Spill Animals"

Road kill? Not toadlets being saved by Toad Detour

Saving toadlets


"So they don't keep keep running over and don't keep dying out. Because they're so small it takes them a while and they keep on getting run over by cars" Volunteer boy.


"This week is the peak week for the toadlets to be migrating back to the woods. The toads are coming from the reservoir. That's where they were born a few months ago. The adults mated in the reservoir and this is the product of their experience. This is what would be called a reverse migration. The adults left [the reservoir] after they were done mating. And these are the babies migrating from the reservoir to the woods.The detour is set up each night from 7 to 9 pm. We have a permit for about a month." WHAT GROUP IS DOING THIS? "The toad detour. Last night we counted two thousand toadlets and there were also a few thousand that we didn't count They were all over the street. So you have to be very careful where you step."  Lisa Levinson, Toad Detour, on Port Royal Avenue and Hagys Mill Road in Roxborough, Phladelphia, near old Philadelphia Water Department reservoir. Levinson is a co-founder and the director of Public Eye: Artists for Animals, "teaching compassion for animals through the arts." Watch video here.

Statue of Liberty (Tax Services) dances ballet


Allison Allen knows how to make her own the dreary job luring in customers, costumed as the statue of Liberty outside the Liberty Tax Service on Ridge Avenue in Roxborough. She puts to use a decade of dance lessons, executing springy sneaker-propelled leaps and graceful turns for passersby. Liberty statute Jim Johnson was interviewed last year at this time. Watch video here.


Takes just herself to movies for first time


YOU’RE TAKING YOURSELF TO THE MOVIES TODAY? “Yes I am.” AND YOU CONFESSED THAT IT’S THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU’RE TAKING JUST YOURSELF? “First time taking myself to the movies.” WHAT’S THE OCCASION? “I just said, you know what, why not? If there’s something that you want to do, life’s too short to wait for other people. Just pick up yourself and go. WHAT ARE YOU SEEING TODAY? Karate Kid. I heard it was really exciting. I’ve been promoting it with people. So I’m telling people to go for it. Go and see it. I’m a supporter, love Will Smith, love Jaden.” Leslie Burnley of Overbrook at United Artists Movie Theater, Manayunk. Watch video interview here.

Light from sun powers gong

Light from sun powers gong

Aviva: These things are solar powered so that when the-

Zachary: The stronger the light is, the faster you hear the chime.

Aviva: Then, when the mallet goes all the way up, it bangs against the thing so it’s a solar powered gong.


Aviva: We didn’t hear the one of the ones out here.

Zachary: Oh the one over there gongs!

Aviva: The ones inside gong much faster because

Zachary: there are lights shining.

Zachary and Aviva Schuh of Merion at the Schuylkill Center’s indoor/outdoor exhibit, “Elemental Energy: Art Powered by Nature” talking about "Solar Thumpers" by Jason Krugman and Christian Cerrito.

Watch video interview here.


Video of opening reception inside and outside artworks