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Prolific young author of teen fantasy

Surprised masked nicoline evans

Nicoline Evans is a prolific writer of fantasy, the future and paranormal happenings. Her audience ranges from children to teens and adults. She began writing in 2009 and has published since 2014. At the September 2020 Artists of Yardley outdoor art exhibit, she had a booth with many of her photos and books on display. By way of example, she showed off โ€œHall of Mosses,โ€ one of a young adult trilogy about a woman who hears the trees talking to her and so believes she is losing her mind. But when supernatural things start happening, Evans continues, the woman realizes that she may not be as crazy as she thought. Being an avid hiker has gotten Evans more in touch with nature. โ€œIn the end, nature has true power. We are just visitors here so we should treat [nature] with respect.โ€ Through the fantasy genre, the author deals with a number of topical themes such as bullying, forgiveness, tolerance. Watch video interview of prolific young author of fantasy literature here.