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September 2020

Prolific young author of teen fantasy

Surprised masked nicoline evans

Nicoline Evans is a prolific writer of fantasy, the future and paranormal happenings. Her audience ranges from children to teens and adults. She began writing in 2009 and has published since 2014. At the September 2020 Artists of Yardley outdoor art exhibit, she had a booth with many of her photos and books on display. By way of example, she showed off โ€œHall of Mosses,โ€ one of a young adult trilogy about a woman who hears the trees talking to her and so believes she is losing her mind. But when supernatural things start happening, Evans continues, the woman realizes that she may not be as crazy as she thought. Being an avid hiker has gotten Evans more in touch with nature. โ€œIn the end, nature has true power. We are just visitors here so we should treat [nature] with respect.โ€ Through the fantasy genre, the author deals with a number of topical themes such as bullying, forgiveness, tolerance. Watch video interview of prolific young author of fantasy literature here.

Religious activity: feeding the hungry, reaching out to youth


Two fish five loaves
The "Two Fish.Five Loaves" ministry of the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia gives out free food to the neighborhood and beyond. Many volunteers help with the distribution of nearly 1000 free boxes of food each week. During these pandemic times, demand is growing according to Minister Sandra. (Volunteers are welcome to sign up for either packing or distribution tasks at  ) People arrive in cars, on foot and on the bus to pick up food, no questions asked. The food is provided by Common Market, a non-profit food distributor sourcing product from sustainable local farms and Caring for [Friends], also a non-profit organization. This past Saturday, boxes were brimming with fresh peaches and blueberries. Separate packages contained dry goods and meat. For the recipient, the different food items are considered one box. "Two fish, five loaves" references a Bible story in which two fish and five loaves were brought to Jesus; with it, he fed thousands with food left over. Minister Sandra says the ministry is following out Jesus' instruction to Peter to "Feed my sheep." "That's what we are doing every Saturday, feeding his sheep." Watch video interview here.


Calvary wyncote video

Calvary Church of Wyncote Associate Pastor Tom Tweedle and some church youth were on the front lawn of a home in East Mount Airy making a video. The finished video will encourage teens to get active in the church's youth group which is restarting in September. As one young woman pointed a hose in the air to create a gentle arc of rain over the pastor's head, another took a video of him talking into the camera. "Baby Come Back" the 1978 song by Player played aloud in the background.  Expect to see the video on the Church's website perhaps, also, on TikTok. Watch video Watch video here