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Student studies roadkill

Studies road kill

Desmond O’Donovan, a student at the Science Leadership Academy chose to study animal-car collisions for a school project on a local or global issue. Driving along Cresheim Drive earlier with his Dad, he saw a young deer felled on the sidewalk and came back later with his Mom to photograph and examine the mishap. He’s been doing research into the issue and sharing his information with classmates and on blogs. He believes collisions might be reduced by educating drivers to drive more slowly in the Wissahickon where, he says, deer are overabundant and possibly, also, by lowering the speed limit.  For the activity requirement of his project, O'Donovan may try to raise awareness about the problem.

Update from O'Donovan 4/2/13

You might be interested to know that i have decided what i am doing for the project. i'm going to try to get a deer crossing sign posted on Wissahickon Ave and Mount Pleasant.

People can help to get a deer crossing sign posted near Carpenter's Woods by going to this link Under Roadways, click Signs and please fill out the form requesting that a deer crossing sign be placed at the intersection of  Wissahickon Ave. and Mount Pleasant Rd. or writing to the district city council person Cindy Bass at [email protected]


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