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Brings deconstructed astronomy book to science high school interview


My book is called a deconstruction book and it’s like when you get a plain old book that nobody reads, sits on the shelves at stores and stuff and getting it and exposing the information in a 3-dimensional work of art. WHAT’S THE BOOK ABOUT? It’s about astronomy, all about the planets, the moons, suns, stars… I can name you everything inside. Right here there’s an asteroid and it’s called Hyperion and Hyperion back in Greek mythology was one of the Titans of the East. 

Javier Peraza, of South Philly, with his project for an application interview at the Science Leadership Academy.

Watch video interview here


Marie Capitolo

Thanks Brian, the interview was awesome. Javier was very excited to share the video with all his classmates at Epiphany Of Our Lord School.

Marie Capitolo, Javier's Mom

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