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marie colette and maya

WHAT’S GOING ON IN FRANCE? “In France, the people, I think have been too spoiled because before Mitterand, the retirement was at 65. But to be voted for, [they] reduced it to 60 years old. And that was when- 1982?...Of course with all this booming of the new generation, there is not enough money to pay for social security and retirement for everybody so we have to extend again, from 60 to 62. The problem comes from that- only the two years. And I think the French are really spoiled. Students of 15 from the school, who don’t even care so much just do that manifestation. And Sarkozy said, ‘That’s enough, I’m going to pass the law anyway.’ ” Marie Collette of Glenside, a native of Champagne, Reims,  walking her dog Maya in Chestnut Hill, where she has had a shop for many years showcasing her painted furniture and murals. Watch video here.



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