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Cat kidney transplants and adorable, adoptable Darla, rescued pit bull


WHAT’S NEW? “Well, we have kidney transplants. We have a cat that we had a kidney transplant done. So they take a kidney from a donor, put it in your cat and then you have to adopt that cat. That’s been going on a few years. It’s a nice thing we can do today. DO YOU DO IT HERE? No we send it to Penn. It’s working very well. HOW DOES A CAT BECOME A DONOR CAT? That’s a cat that’s usually from a shelter and the kidney’s taken out or they may have them at Penn, donors ready to go. And then you adopt that cat too. So you have two cats now, instead of one. You have two healthy kidneys in the house one in each cat… and this is Darla, she’s being fostered. She’s a rescue from down south, a real sweetie, so if anyone wants to adopt Darla, she’s here in our hospital. She comes with Julie our technician.” Sheldon Gerstenfeld, VMD, Chestnut Hill Veterinary Clinic, Erdenheim, with Darla and Julie Raymond. Watch video interview here.


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