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Mount Chest Hairy wiffle ball at the Water Tower tennis courts

Chestnut Hill Wiffle Ball League

OK this is the wiffle ball league at the Water Tower tennis courts. I HAVEN’T SEEN WIFFLE BALL ON THE TENNIS COURTS BEFORE. FILL ME IN. INTRAMURAL OR YOU PLAY OTHER PLACES? We played Arthur Ashe tennis- we played Wimbledon- this has guilty written all over it – it’s just straight street….fax machine waffle ball- it’s a long story- He told his wife he was going -I told my wife I’m going to the fax machine and I’m playing wiffle ball..It’s Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill so we call it Mount Chest Hairy [Wiffle Ball].From left to right, Eric Fries, Jesse Bradley, Luke Williams, Bryan Brooks, Thomas Hendrie, John Spruance, Michael Longstreth, Daniel Dwyer. Water Tower Tennis Courts, Chestnut Hill. Watch video interview here.

Took 7 years but got her G.E.D.

Got her GED

SO WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER GOALS? “My career goal is to be an adult education instructor and director of a non-profit organization /program in the future. I feel I can make a difference with adult learners. Like them, some of them, I have a G.E.D. So I feel I can really implement real life experiences that coincide with what I went through when I got my G.E.D. And I feel like I would be a motivator to encourage them to progress with their learning. And that’s why I want to be an adult educator. AND HOW DID YOU GET YOUR G.E.D.? WHY DID YOU GET YOUR G.E.D. AS OPPOSED TO BEING IN HIGH SCHOOL? It’s a long, long story. . . The very short version: I got my G.E.D. at the age of 25. I had been pursuing it for seven years prior. And I didn’t get a chance to finish high school. So I decided I wanted to go back to school and get a G.E.D. And it took quite a while to do it. I was having some difficulty with the math portion of the test. And I passed the other tests but that posed to be a really big problem so that’s why it took me seven years. And when I finally did it, I said ‘wow, if I can do this I can do anything’ So, I’m really confident.” Crystal Cox, North Philadelphia. Watch video interview here.

Rehab work at Salvation Army thrift store dropoff


WHAT KIND OF STUFF ARE YOU COLLECTING? “I collect a little bit of everything. I collect clothing, I collect household items, vacuum cleaners, TVs, things like that. The furniture goes around the other side. The Salvation Army pretty much takes donations of all types. IS THERE A LARGE DEMAND FOR THESE USED ITEMS? “Yeah, pretty much always, you know there’s always people a little short on money and they come, get clothing, stuff like that. It’s not very expensive at all. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING WITH THE SALVATION ARMY? “I’ve been in this program, it’s an adult rehabilitation program. I’ve been in it for the last three months. They get you grounded with Christ, things like that.” Kevin Potter, Salvation Army, Roxborough, Philadelphia. Watch video interview here.