Light from sun powers gong
Poetry slamming to the nationals in Philly

Takes just herself to movies for first time


YOU’RE TAKING YOURSELF TO THE MOVIES TODAY? “Yes I am.” AND YOU CONFESSED THAT IT’S THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU’RE TAKING JUST YOURSELF? “First time taking myself to the movies.” WHAT’S THE OCCASION? “I just said, you know what, why not? If there’s something that you want to do, life’s too short to wait for other people. Just pick up yourself and go. WHAT ARE YOU SEEING TODAY? Karate Kid. I heard it was really exciting. I’ve been promoting it with people. So I’m telling people to go for it. Go and see it. I’m a supporter, love Will Smith, love Jaden.” Leslie Burnley of Overbrook at United Artists Movie Theater, Manayunk. Watch video interview here.


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