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Barber Frank cutting hair for 70 of his 88 years

Frank Salemno, who turned 88 this week, shown here giving a haircut to long time customer Charlie Gallagher, received a citation from Philadelphia's Mayor for barbering at his shop in Chestnut Hill for seventy years! Frank Salemno (FS) “I’ve been in business here in Chestnut Hill – here’s an article they did in the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was out Tuesday – seventy years! HOW’D YOU GET YOUR START? FS: I was cleaning up the barber shop. I used to get a dollar a week. Charlie Gallagher, customer (CG):This shop here or somewhere else? FS: Same shop. And then when I was old enough I went to barber school. WHOSE SHOP WAS IT WHEN YOU WERE CLEANING IT UP? FS: The guy’s name was Domenic Rosetti. CG: Like Rosetta stone. FS: Yup. CG: The mayor was here this week. Tell him about the Mayor, Frank. FS: The Mayor came here yesterday and I got this from the Mayor, “City of Philadelphia- Citation” and that’s his signature. WHAT ARE YOU BEING CITED FOR? FS: Being a dummy, I don’t know. CG: Longevity, hangin’ in there, ever hear that expression? FS: Right, my birthday was Thursday the 22nd - I was 88. CG: He’s the best barber in the whole world. FS: That’s right. CG: Know how I know that? He told me this morning. YOU STILL USE THE STRAP TO SHARPEN YOUR RAZOR? FS: There’s a strap over there. I beat my customers when they get out of line… Frank Salemno, barber and long-time customer Charlie Gallagher,Frank’s Barber Shop, Germantown Avenue, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA. Watch video interview here.


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