Tales of a hippie bus driver
Nancy Peter and Mom work at the Carver Science Fair

Gair Wissenbach, Photographer

SO THESE PHOTOS HERE.. are all mine. I did them during the course of my last year at the Antonelli Institute. THEY SEEM TO BE FROM ALL OVER? Yeah, Coney Island, central New York, Baltimore, rural Pennsylvania like out in the middle of nowhere. A lot of them are taken from inside abandoned buildings like the old mental institution called Pennhurst, an old church… AND WHAT DO YOU DO TO THEM TO GET THIS BLUISH? I use a cross processing technique it’s taking film and developing it through the wrong process so if like you have color slide film that’s E6 you take it and develop it through C41 or vice versa C41 through E6 and it causes all the colors to shift. Gair Wissenbach, Chestnut Hill Coffee Shop. Watch video here.


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