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Recruiting summer campers


I SEE YOU’RE IN UNIFORM WITH THE MARINES AND YOU’RE STANDING IN FRONT OF ONAS QUAKER SLEEPOVER CAMP. “I’m actually with Valley Forge Military Academy around the corner. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER SUMMER CAMPERS? We have a day camp that goes from age 6 up to 14 years of age, an overnight camp, sports specific camps. We have a football camp that’s run by Glenn Foley, a former NFl player, captain of the Jets, a fitness camp for high schoolers…HAVE YOU SEEN SERVICE OVERSEAS? “I started years ago. My first deployment was Lebanon. I was in Beirut. I was in Desert Storm, Desert Shield. The only active hot zones I’ve been in were in Lebanon and the middle east.” CPT, Peter Ross, USMC, Director of Fitness, Valley Forge Military Academy. Watch video here.


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