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Early spring wedding at Valley Green


 IS THIS YOUR JOB OR ARE YOU ASSOCIATED WITH THE PARTY? Oh, no, I’m friends of the party. I’m just doing courtesy duty. SO WHAT’S THEIR STORY? They met at Trinity Baptist Church which is in the Fairmount section of the city and unexpectedly to most people, I guess, they eventually started dating, which a lot of people didn’t see coming. They announced their engagement, I think, last fall and decided to go with a short engagement, and today’s the big day…I knew both of them before they were dating but once they started dating it just kind of seemed like, yeah, this seems right. A great couple, really great people.” Rob Rineer, friend of bride and groom, before the wedding. IMG_8046.JPG

I WAS HERE EARLIER AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU TIED THE KNOT. Michael Reyes: “Yes, we did .. happily so” WELL, CONGRATULATIONS! Lisa Gale: “Thank you.” YOU PICKED A BEAUTIFUL DAY. MR: “It was stunning, everything we could have imagined happened today. It was perfect.” LG: “It’s hard to plan for sunshine but we got it. I’m so glad”. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS NOW? MR.”Enjoy each other” WHERE YOU’RE HONEYMOONING IS A SECRET, RIGHT? MR: The immediate honeymoon is Montego Bay, Jamaica then later on we’ll be going to Costa Rica, in the summertime, for an extended honeymoon.” EXCELLENT. Newlyweds Lisa Gale and Michael Reyes, Valley Green. IMG_8025.JPG

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