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I NOTICE THAT OUT OF THE EYE WITH THE NEW LENS IN IT, THE WORLD SEEMS A LITTLE LESS WARM “More cool or bright?” COOL OR BRIGHT. NOW IS THAT BECAUSE MY PUPIL IS STILL OPEN? “Actually, because you’re comparing it to the right eye which is developing a mild cataract. A cataract is kind of an amber-colored filter. It’s more brownish as you get older. So your brain has been adjusting to that slightly yellowy color over the years and interpreting that as white. Now we suddenly take that amber filter away and your brain says, ‘Man, this is very bright and blue.” This is actually the correct color you’re seeing out of your left eye and your brain will adjust.” Amy E. Weber, Ophthalmologist, Wyndmoor, PA. Watch video interview here.



Absolutely true about the color difference. I will never forget the first sunrise I saw after cataract surgery. The blue light spectrum has gone unnoticed for so many years.

Cataract surgery is also like Oxydol or Tide detergent for the eye -- all my whites look brighter as well!

I am currently fascinated with writing about ophthalmic topics -- especially since I'm having more complicated retinal surgery soon in that same eye that had the cataract.

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