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Why my world looks colder after cataract surgery

Artist Brooke Schmidt travels places


DO YOU KNOW WHAT PATCHES YOU HAVE ON YOUR BACKPACK? The first one I think I got in Arches National Monument, I was hiking. My grand mom hiked to Delicate Arch and she was in her seventies. Then we have a cabin in Canada that I go to. Just went to Black Canyon in the Gunnison in October. WHICH IS WHERE? Colorado. I grew up in Florida, camping there. And Rocky Mountain National Park, I was just there on my own. I went to Costa Rica a couple years ago and I really enjoyed the butterfly gardens in Monteverde. I went to Ecuador to visit my friend a couple years ago. We had flown out to California for a weekend and ended up going to the Humboldt redwoods, which are really beautiful. Gimmelwald is in Switzerland. It’s a lovely little town to visit. I’ve been there a few times backpacking and Cape Breton we went there on our honeymoon, whales and moose, it was awesome. Blue Ridge Parkway we just did a road trip down there with the dogs in my V70 Volvo station wagon, which is really fun. And Boundary Waters, which is up on the border of Minnesota. There’s no motors allowed so it’s just canoeing the lakes. It’s really beautiful. I guess I did that about ten years ago WOW. So that’s my collection. And there are some that I’ve bought and I’ve lost like when we were in Scotland. I don’t know what happened to that one. Brooke Schmidt. Watch video interview here.


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