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Woodmere Art Museum showcases Green Woods student art

MLK Day Unitarian Society volunteers advocate for housing


"Dear Governor Rendell, I am a resident of Philadelphia and I see and hear about numerous families that have been broken and displaced because they have lost their homes and cannot afford housing I brought my daughters to MLK day and I have explained to them that although we are fortunate to have a roof over our heads there are a lot of families who are not as fortunate. Please find funding for affordable housing. We need to have a Pennsylvania Housing Trust Fund. Every family needs a home. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Phyllis Woods with daughter Tyra, Unitarian Society of Germantown, MLK Day of Service.


"We’re making a banner for Hearts for Homes and it’s going to go to Harrisburg, I think, in front of the governor." Linda Cherkins, left of Mount Airy, with Hannah Kanze-Eaton and mother, Jenn, of Royersford. Unitarian Society of Germantown, MLK Day of Service. Watch video here.


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