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Alan and Nathan lament Borders Bookstore closing


YOU GUYS GOING TO MISS BORDERS? Alan: “Hugely, big-time.” Nathan: “Yeah.” Alan: “It’s going to be hard to live without Borders.” Nathan: “I’ve been coming here, since I was- five?” Alan: “For us, because we live at the bottom of the Hill, it’s a great destination so it gives us a place to go when we want to come somewhere. It’s a great place to walk to. We come here to do homework sometimes. I come to do some schoolwork And we see our neighbors. I mean, it’s really nice. It’s going to be tough. We don’t know where to go after this, especially to get all the good free samples. It’s going to really be missed. ”MAYBE ENOUGH OF US WEREN’T BUYING ENOUGH BOOKS? Alan: “I think that was it although I bought a lot of books here. Half of them I haven’t read yet but you start reading a book and get interested in it, then you buy it.” Alan Siegel and son, Nathan, Borders Bookstore café. Click here to watch video interview.

Border Closing


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