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WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT WHAT THIS HOUSE WAS? “Well there are four houses here that are seemingly identical, originally and they’ve all had different additions put on and changes made to them. I’ve been in all four of them so it’s interesting to see how different they are and how alike they are. They were originally built in the mid- nineteenth century and then at various times in the next 50 years there were additions and changes…there was probably just two rooms in the front, straight up, two stories and then the addition in the back almost doubled the size of the house, I would say. They probably added central heat when they put the addition on and a modern kitchen and a bathroom.  See this part here is the addition, where the walls meet there -where the front bumps out a bit, where the drainpipe is. THREE STORIES? Two and a half stories we would call this. AND HEATED BY? Originally it was probably heated by fireplaces or coal stoves inside and now of course it has forced air heat and central air.” Virginia Bryant, Eichler & Moffly real estate agent at listing, Gravers Lane and Millman Street.

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