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Joe Winiarski, his Mom Alice Calhoun, Guinness the dog, Laresa Levetan, MD (Endicrinologist)

Joe Winiarski: “Sit, sit.” THIS IS GUINNESS AND HE’S DIABETIC AND YOU’E AN ENDOCRINOLOGIST? Claresa Levetan: “Yes my specialty is diabetes.” WHAT’S THE STORY WITH GUINNESS HERE? JW: “Guinness has been a diabetic for about two years. We give him shots every two days He’s good he takes it like a champ.” CL “Two days? two times-” JW: “I mean two times a day” CL:“You know even people have to have that insulin shot on board. Usually it depends on the type of diabetes but if he’s on insulin it’s going to be a shot or two a day so don’t forget the shot of Guinness!” JW “My mom handles that.” CL: “As I mentioned it’s very common to see diabetes in cats but we also see it in dogs. I’m trained as an adult, human diabetes doctor but I’m always glad to see well cared-for diabetes with pets like dogs so thanks for bringing Guinness by.” Click here to watch video interview.


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