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February 2008

Galeet Cohen Brings Central High Class to "Thirst"

galeet cohen closeup.jpg YOU BROUGHT YOUR AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CLASS TO THE VIDEO LIBRARY TO SEE THE MOVIE “THIRST” “We just started the unit on water. I think water’s a really important issue to cover with them because as a limited resource it’s the source of a lot of international conflict right now. My regular environmental class is taking on a project with water bottles. The class is ordering nalgene sort-of  bottles and starting this campaign around the school.  Everyone likes Central gear so we’re getting these Central High School water bottles and trying to get people to use them instead of buying bottled water.” Galeet Cohen, Central H.S. Teacher, Little Theater at The Video Library, Mount Airy.

Ken Roberts Heats His Home With a Wood Stove

ken roberts.jpg

TELL ME ABOUT THE WOOD STOVE. “ The wood stove I put in about a year and a half ago. And I’ve been heating my home pretty exclusively with that. I’ve got my regular furnace turned down to about 45 degrees so the pipes don’t freeze if I’m not there to feed it. I’ve been burning wood and pallet wood. PALLET WOOD? IT’S NOT TREATED? It’s not treated and they use a lot of hardwood for the heavier duty pallets. It’s a nice sized wood to work with.” Ken Roberts.


Kamelot Auctions Off Antiques and Mid Century Furniture in Germantown

jeff kamel.jpgI SAW YOUR AD IN THE LOCAL FOR AN ADMINISTRATIVE TYPE PERSON AND THOUGHT I DON’T KNOW KAMELOT WHY DON’T I CHECK THIS PLACE OUT SO HERE I AM. WHAT DO YOU HAVE HERE? “We have turn of the century antiques and more trendy, what we refer to as mid-century, modern furniture. And we have five auctions each year. And the reason I like it is I’m surrounded by beautiful things. I used to be in a different industry in which I sold a commodity and it’s a lot different being around gilt, wonderful furniture and decorative arts and beautiful paintings. I brought my son the other day to an antique store and when I put him to bed, he looked up at me and said, ‘Daddy, tonight I’m going to dream about silver and gold.’” Jeff Kamel, Kamelot Auctions, Germantown.


Andrea Keefe and Son Brave Winter and Germantown Avenue Construction on Their Bike

andrea sam keefe.jpg HOW FAR DO YOU HAVE TO GO? I’m going to turn right at the Wawa. WHAT LENGTH TRIP DO YOU MAKE?   We’re from Mount Airy. AND WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM? Moreland. HOW MANY MILES IS THAT? Just like two miles, not even. DO YOU DO THE TRIP OFTEN? Yeah. DOES YOUR SON LIKE IT? He doesn’t like the helmet. He doesn’t mind the ride.  Andrea Keefe with son Sam, 1-1/2 . Germantown and Gowen Avenues.Andrea_keefe_closeup_med

Regina Voices Over In Her Closet

regina miners light close.jpg

YOU’RE DOING VOICE OVERS WITH A HEADLAMP IN A CLOSET? I set up this very basic studio with quilts on the walls to try and absorb the sound. Now the reason I wear a headlamp is because the closet has no light in it…I thought this was a simple solution besides I can aim it where I want...I have a soundboard which is on a shelf here, a professional microphone on the boom arm, a pre-amplifier which helps eliminate and any of the buzzing noise that you get and my computer!  I’m set to go… ‘If you’re one of our lucky winners for Audio Hijack Pro, you’re in for a treat. Audio Hijack Pro gives you the freedom to listen to audio when you want and how you want.’ Regina Forrence, Chestnut Hill.