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December 2007

"The youth of Iraq should not suffer like this"


PLEASE TELL ME YOUR STORY. My name is [deleted] I graduated from the institute majoring in electricity. I graduated from the institute but couldn't find work so I worked as a cleaner, non-government affiliated and made about 8000 Iraqi dinar a day [about $6 US] I was hit by a car bomb along with my colleagues, nine of whom died and I survived. I survived. So they took me to Abin Nafees Hospital and that hospital referred me to another hospital which is called Medical City Hospital. I suffered many injuries of both arms, my back, my head. The Medical City Hospital wanted to amputate my arm but I refused. The hospitals are biased. If you're not affiliated with certain parties then you're not treated very well. They removed the joint of my elbow. When I went to a private hospital for more treatment, they diagnosed me and did not agree with the treatment option of the first hospital. To get more treatment to get back the use of my arm my family and I sold a lot of our belongings to be able to afford the treatments. They put in a platinum stabilizer in my arm to try to regain some of the use. The doctor who had done it promised that it would get better with this treatment but it did not. So I sought more treatment at another hospital and through x-rays they found they had removed certain parts of the arm including the elbow. So I tried to find ways to get treatment and contacted many charity organizations and finally came across this one. [Hosts for Hospitals] I am very thankful and hopeful that they would be able to help me. I am thankful to the family I'm living with now. They are treating me like family. God willing I'll be able to get the help that I need. The youth of Iraq should not suffer like this. I tried to get prosthetic elbow joints and couldn't find it in Iraq. It doesn't exist in Iraq. In my home there ís no money left. There ís no money for food. God willing I'll get help. My father ís very sick. I'm trying to contact him now. I'm very thankful for the charity the U.S. has provided. I can say no more. I want nothing but the use of my arm back. They treat you by the name you were born with because the name you were born with shows if you are Sunni or Shia. I thank all that are helping me, that are standing with me and I thank you for listening to my story." 27 year-old man from Baghdad, Iraq, hosted by Chestnut Hill family. Translated from the Arabic by Hala and Raid Aljumaily. Watch video here.

Rabbi Gurevitz Presses Olives

gurevitz and tzaita2.jpg These were shipped just on Monday so they are as fresh as you can get Now let me show you what I’m doing. Here I have a bag of olives that were squeezed earlier this week. I’m going to add these olives we just made which are still full of oil into this bag. By the way, does anybody know how many olives you need to fill a bottle like this, half a quart? [Audience guesses 50, 200, 500, 1000]  You need close to two thousand olives to make one quart of oil. We don’t have 2000 olives but we are going to get enough to light our menorah. Rabbi Yitzchok Gurevitz with daughter Tzaita, Chabad of Northwest Philadelphia, Olive Press Workshop, Chestnut Hill Library. Gurevitz_and_smith


Daniel Harrison Sucks Up Leaves

daniel harrison leaf collection wide.jpg Q: IS THE JOB A LOT HARDER WHEN THE LEAVES ARE WET? A: Yes, behind the fact that the leaves get wet and compacted, the dirt, the mud come together and you have to break it out, make it thinner.  Then you can suck it up in the vacuum. When there’s water it’s harder, more of a strain on the body but all in all it’s a commonplace job you do the same thing every day in the sun, in the rain like any job. Daniel Harrison, Streets Department Sanitation Division, Highland Avenue. Daniel_harrsion_streets_laborer