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November 2007

Mike Franchetti Repairs School Instruments

mike franchetti instrument repair smile.jpg WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ALL THOSE INSTRUMENTS? “I’m delivering them; they were broken.  They were fixed at our shop and I’m bringing them back to the music teacher. WHAT SHOP IS THAT? Music and Arts Center. We do most of the repairs for a lot of the Philly schools. AND WHAT KIND OF INSTRUMENTS DO YOU HAVE THERE? I’ve got six clarinets, a flute and an alto sax. DO YOU PLAY? I play the trumpet myself, yeah.” Mike Franchetti, outside J.S. Jenks School. Mike_franchetti_music_instrument_re

Gerald Stokes looks for work

wants job close.jpg

WHAT KIND OF WORK WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD GET SOME WORK? Carpentry, sheet rock, cooking. COULD YOU DO THAT WITH THE WHEEL CHAIR? Yes, sir. I help my sister some time with Thanksgiving. WHAT DO YOU COOK UP? Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, potato salad, baked macaroni, biscuits. I’LL TELL YOU WHAT, WHEN YOU OPEN UP A RESTAURANT, I’LL BE THERE!, Gerald Stokes,16th and JFK Boulevard.


Kayla Ankeny Does Capoeira

kayla ankeny capoeirist contortion.jpg WHAT IS CAPOEIRA ABOUT? “ Capoeira is an art from Brazil. It’s a martial art. It’s combined with dance and more recently acrobatics. There’s a huge history behind it. It goes back a really long way to slavery in Brazil.” Kayla Ankeny, Philadelphia ASCAB Capoeira, Philadelphia University campus. Katie_ankeny_closeup

Why Eleanor Day Paints People

eleanor day full length.jpg WHY DO YOU PAINT PEOPLE? “My classical training at the Academy was very figure oriented and I’ve always admired figure painters and the more I’ve painted from the figure, the more I’ve been drawn into using faces and figures as the means of expressing what’s inside… The reason that I paint is beauty and color and shapes. And it’s really as simple as that.” Eleanor Day, Mount Airy, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. Eleanor_day_post