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Phillip Perkins finds cricket an awful lot of fun

philip perkins cricket swing.jpg WHAT’S IT LIKE PLAYING CRICKET IN THE UNITED STATES? It’s not a very a popular sport but it’s an awful lot of fun to play here. AND HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED? I started three or four weeks ago. It just seemed like the guys had a lot of fun out here. It’s a long game, a lot of running around.” Phillip Perkins, Philadelphia Cricket Club.


Roberts Wants Good News - Group Home Makeover on TV

roberts harvey waldrop sharp sepia.jpg My name is Natalie Roberts and I’m the group home manager of Baptist Children’s Services, School House Lane group. Today we’re having a makeover and it’s being made over by United way and Fameco.  I did call Channel 3, 6 and 10 to come out because I thought that it would be something good to see on TV instead of all the killings that we know exist here in Philadelphia.” Natalie Roberts with Rachelle Hauley, left and Janette Waldrop, right. Roberts_baptist_home