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Rick Szlachta Flyfishes the Wissahickon

Rick Szlachta Flyfishes the Wissahickon

WHAT ARE YOU FISHING FOR AND ARE THE FISH SAFE TO EAT? I haven’t kept a fish in twenty years. It’s just for fun. I’m not fishing for  a meal so whatever’s in there. You’re going to have some bass fish, blue gills ,sunnies and possibly some leftover trout.” Rick Szlachta, Wissahickon Creek at Valley Green.


Angel Labell of MACC Provides Computer Training for Ex-Offenders

Angel Labell Director of Mount Airy Computer Center WHAT IS THE EXOFFENDERS PROGRAM? A: We’re currently running a computers for ex-offenders program and it’s being funded by the Northwest Fund. It’s a four Saturday sessions where we provide computer training to ex-offenders and at the end of the four weeks we actually give them a free refurbished computer. Angel Labell, Executive Director, Mount Airy Computer Center. Angel_labell_front

Girls Doorstep Talk

justine frederick and taylor smith chat sharp.jpg

"JF: So, anyway, we went to Cin Cin TS:Oh yeah, I had my 8th grade graduation there in the back JF:You had your 8th grade graduation? TS Yeah, from Norwood!  JF:Hah! TS:Do you know the back room? JF:Yeah, that's where we were...  we ended up for like staying three hours."Justine Frederick, left (JF) and Taylor Smith (TS), right, outside the Local office. [This is one of a series that appears in the Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper as 'CLOSEUP'] Img_0837