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Ben Freeman Plans Solar Panel for Electric Tricycle

ben freeman electric tryke no tryke Q: IT’S AN ELECTRIC BIKE?  A. “Right. I’m trying to make it a solar bike.  What I’m doing is trying to design what is called a solar cycle, an electrified bike that has a solar assist. I’m going to put a solar panel on the roof. You see the electric motor in the back.” Ben Freeman, Cherokee Street and Mermaid Lane.


Anthony Daniels Has High Hopes for Eagles

anthony daniels Q: I WAS AT TRAINING AND MCNABB LOOKED LIKE HE WAS LIMPING A LITTLE A. “I think he’s going to be all right. The Eagles are probably like a championship team this year  but no more injuries, though, you know? I think they’re one of the top teams in the NFC East. I look for them to do real good this year.” Anthony Daniels, Mt. Airy and Stenton Avenues. Anthony_daniels

Josh Harris Witnesses for Jehovah

josh harris jehovah witness Q: YOU'RE WALKING AROUND THIS HOT HUMID AFTERNOON WITH WATCHTOWERS A. "Yes we are. It's well worth it to us but it's a little uncomfortable at times. We do what we feel is important." ARE YOU FINDING MANY PEOPLE HOME? "We would like to find a lot more home but we're finding quite a few people home today...We've had some nice conversations. We found that a lot of people are interested in what the Bible has to say. That's right up our alley." Josh Harris of Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses at Allens Lane and Lincoln Drive. Josh_harris_women_in_distance

Kelsey Rush's Do-It-Yourself Dogwash

kelsey rush sunny Q: WE SAW YOUR SIGN “DO-IT-YOURSELF DOGWASH.” WE’D LIKE TO DO IT BUT WE DON’T HAVE A DOG. A: “Well I have loaners at home too. Maybe you guys can come and wash my dogs sometime. You should probably check the tub….The machine on the wall mixes the shampoo and the water for you. SO IT REALLY IS DO-IT -YOURSELF? Yes, completely do-it-yourself. See the soap and the water? We also have tons of grooming stuff and a doggie dryer and lots of towels and sprays and ear cleaner and eye cleaner.” Kelsey Rush, Phillydogspot, Rex Ave. off Germantown Ave. Kelsey_rush_flowers