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July 2007

Greg Williams Walk a Crooked Mile Concerts

greg williams Q: WHICH OF THE BOOKS I TRADED IN DID YOU FIND INTERESTING? A: "The environmental planning, the cloggers, the Krutch garden is OK...but what I want to talk about is the concert series. It allows musicians to perform, people in the neighborhood to get together. We had a festival of Jewish music this year that had about 100 to 150 people. There are all these little communities and they'll meet around music here and that's really fun." Greg Williams, Walk A Crooked Mile Books, Mt. Airy. Greg_williams_front

Victor's Aluminum Can Business

victor aluminum cans Q: HOW’S THE ALUMINUM CAN BUSINESS?  A: “Pretty good.” WHAT DO YOU GET FOR A POUND? “Thirty Five, Forty Cents a pound.” IS THAT UP OR DOWN? “It’s in the middle.”  Victor, Wyndmoor Train Station, Chestnut Hill Recycling. Victor_aluminum_cans_in_box    

Pedro Leal listens to classic rock on his Ipod

pedro leal ipod Q: WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO ON YOUR IPOD?  A: “I’m listening to Eric Clapton.” I SAW YOU OUT HERE YESTERDAY; WHAT WERE YOU LISTENING TO? “Yesterday Led Zeppelin. Yeah I’m out here every morning.” THOSE ARE OLD BANDS. “That’s what I like, the new stuff’s not very good.”  Pedro Leal, Water Tower Tennis Courts. Pedro_leal_with_ipod