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June 2007

Mel Tabnick and Horse Cody

mel tabnick and cody close up Q: WHAT’S CODY’S BACKGROUND?  A: “He’s a quarter horse. I’ve been riding him about five years. He’s been in the area for maybe 10 years or so.” WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO RIDE CODY?  “Well he’s my horse.”  Mel Tabnick with Cody, Valley Green. Mel_tabnick_and_cody

Frederik Fagerberg Assembles Two-Seat Airplane

fagerberg airplane

Q: YOU’VE GOT AN AIRPLANE WING ON YOUR CAR?  A: “We’re from Sweden. We live here for a year. My wife is a researcher at Children’s Hospital and I’m into aviation. I’m a stay- at- home dad during this year so I bought this Titan Tornado aircraft, a small two-seater tandem. Very fast. It’s 120 miles an hour cruise with a small two stroke engine on 65 horsepower.” Frederik Fagerberg with daughter Frida.Fredrik_fagerberg_airplane_long_v_2

Christine Oliger Vigils to End Iraq War

christine oliger Q: DO YOU THINK THE VIGILS ARE HELPING THE CAUSE TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME? A: “I think it’s been bringing public awareness, yes. And I think the more public awareness there is, the better it is. We’ve certainly gotten a lot more support over the years that we’ve been here. And, as you can hear, we get a lot of honks from people who believe we’re doing the right thing and support our efforts.” Christine Oliger, Iraq War Vigil, Germantown Ave and Bethlehem Pike. Christine_oliger_iraq_war_sign_full

Mike Carroll Photographs Henry Schoolyard Renovation

mike carroll cw henry schoolyard Q: WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’RE DOING HERE? A: “I don’t really know. I think it’s an improvement; they’re going to level the schoolyard I believe... I just got the camera a few months ago. My son gave it to me… Henry is dear to my heart. I had two kids go here. My son’s 20 years old in college. My daughter now is at Masterman.” Mike Carroll outside C.W. Henry schoolyard.Mike_carroll_front

Fahnestock Grows Greenhouse Tomatoes in Soil

robert fahnestock tomatoes Q: WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO GROW THESE GREENHOUSE TOMATOES IN SOIL OVER WATER?  A: “Before we built the first greenhouse we bought this tomato from a grower that grows them in water and another grower that grows them in soil. When we cut that tomato and put it in the refrigerator if we didn’t want to use the whole tomato, the one grown in water went flat, like soup the next morning. The one grown in soil kept its shape.” Robert Fahnestock, Fahnestock Fruit Farm of Lititz, PA at farmer’s market, Germantown Ave and Mermaid Lane. Fahnestock_tomatoes_smiling