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Jigaloo Lubrciant Huskers on Parade

jigaloo four Q: SO YOU’RE PARADING DOWN GERMANTOWN AVENUE IN THESE ORANGE JUMPSUITS TO PROMOTE ‘JIGALOO’?  A: Jigaloo Lubricant. It comes from the French word “ti-gi-dou” which means “I’ve got it”. In English it was translated into a more fun name. Jigaloo is a dry silicone-based lubricant. It doesn’t have any detergents, grease or oils or wax so it doesn’t leave a sticky nasty residue. It doesn’t smell or stain. You can use it on a bike chain on a door knob ...” From left to right, Erica Lundberg, Steve Bartkowski, Ben Negley, Stephen Carter. Jigaloo_four_again

22 year-old Larry West wants to be Mayor of Philadelphia

larry west skyward

Q: WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR ? A: I’m running for Mayor because Philadelphia needs some form of radical change over the next four years. We need someone to do something about the crime problem in Philadelphia and look for different solutions to it. We need someone who actually cares about the environment....I’m going to have more after school programs for one thing. We need to get kids off the street,we need to clean up our neighborhoods  which includes the environment. If we have cleaner areas, cleaner parks, cleaner neighborhoods, we have people with jobs, it will help reduce the crime rate sooner and longer.” Larry West, 22 year old candidate for Mayor, Germantown Avenue on Primary Election Day. NOTE: Currently the age requirement for Mayor of Philadelphia is 25.



Philadelphia Orchestra Coming to Pastorius Park With Its Own Stage

Elisabeth Scheffler marketing manager philadelphia orchestra Q: THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA IS BRINGING ITS OWN STAGE TO PASTORIUS PARK? A: We bring our own stage. We come here, we bring our own sound equipment. We set it all up and mike it with lights and we bring the concert to the community. AND WHAT’S ON THE BILL FOR JULY 2ND? It’s actually getting announced tomorrow. It’s going to be available online at . SO IT’S A SECRET UNTIL THEN? Sorry, I think it’s just awaiting confirmation. IT’S NOT BARTOK, IS IT? Not that I know of but I don’t know for sure.” Elisabeth Scheffler, Philadelphia Orchestra Marketing Manager at Chestnut Hill Garden Festival.Elisabeth_scheffler_pumping_sigen_p

Women Find New Directions

angela parrino and heather hudman Q: I'D LIKE TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE ABOUT NEW DIRECTIONS  A: New Directions is located in the 4800 block of Germantown Avenue. It's an alternative to prison for women coming out of prison.  It's like a transitional home. It holds about 25 women in the facility and right now we have 18.  And we have a beautiful director, who's Carolyn Stewart who helps us out. And there's women there for all different kinds of reasons- for drug abuse, domestic violence and we get help in each area, whatever we come in there for. I've been there now for about seven months and it helped me. It completely changed my life. And it's a great opportunity for anyone coming out of prison and wanting to change their life, to go back to school or to get a job, whatever, and I love it." Heather Hudman, right, with Angela Parrino. New Directions for Women community conversation at Awbury Arboretum. Angela_parrino_and_heather_hudman_s