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March 2007

Dennis Novack Tests for Cross-Connections Between Sanitary and Storm Pipes

pwd electronic technician dennnis novack "Q: I got a letter that you're doing these inspections - what's it about? A: This is for cross reference to see if the sani[tary sewer] is going to the sani pipe from your home and the storm is going to the storm pipe. Q. And what does that show over there? A. This the the storm pipe that runs the whole length of the street. it's made out of brick. Its' two feet 0 inches which is 24 inches up and down. And if you look, that's from the house over there, that's the lateral that runs from the house...That other crew will put dye in because you have two inlets on the curb. One goes to sani one goes to storm. You put differnet color dye in and then when they run water they see if the right color dye comes out in the pipe. If it does, everything is fine. Q. Is everything fine so far? A. Well, we haven't started yet."  Dennis Novack, Water Department Electronic Technician. Pwd_electronic_technician_dennnis_n

Girl Scout Represents Ghana for Thinking Day

sydney crawford kente cloth "Ghana is a country in West Africa. Accra is the capital and the largest city in Ghana. Ghana was the first black African Country to gain independence from Britain in 1957. Ghana has 79 different languages but English is the official language" Sydney Crawford, Girl Scout Troop 1224, wearing Kente cloth for "Thinking Day" celebration.
sydney crawfod kente cloth ghana

George Connelly's Sidewalk Melts Ice

george connelly heated sidewalk022607
"I SAW WHEN YOU WERE PUTTING IN THE SIDEWALK OVER HERE WITH WHAT LOOKED LIKE HEAT COILS AND I WAS WONDERING WHETHER IT WAS REALLY WORTH THE EXPENSE OR WHETHER IT SNOWED ENOUGH. Well, sure. Whenever it gets snowy and icy, the nice part about the coils is you don’t have to turn them on, they’re automatically on. You come in, in the morning, and presto, you have a dry and clear sidewalk that’s already ready for people to walk on." George Connelly, Hirshhorn Company.