WHHY and the federal funding cut to NPR - CEO Bill Marrazzo

Bill Marrazzo, CEO of WHYY TV and Radio

WHHY President and CEO Bill Marrazzo doesn't diminish the importance of the federal grants to public radio but points out that federal dollars consitute only a small portion of the station's radio stream. WHYY relies  primarily  on the support of thousands of indidvual radio listeners, TV viewers and website visitors and also on sponsorships by corporations and foundations. Watch video interview here.

Gadfly, Radio Host Ed Feldman writing book, interviewing candidates


SO ED, WHY AREN’T YOU TORMENTING CHESTNUT HILL ANY MORE? I got tired of it. I tire easy and I thought other neighborhoods need to be tormented a little bit, too so I didn’t want to concentrate all my efforts in one place. Besides, I think I’ve proved my point. After the attorney general investigated and fined the Chestnut Hill Community Association, it kind of seemed a natural ending of things. Certainly it will be in the book I’m writing…. I have an Internet radio show that airs Monday through Friday, 9 to 10 am called “Morning Feed.” It’s on Gtwon Radio dot com. And right now I’m interviewing all the city council candidates in district 8. This morning, April 5th, I broke some news about an allegation of extortion by one of the candidates against another.” Ed Feldman, radio host at WHYY Voter Forum, Commodore Barry Club, Mount Airy, Philadelphia. Watch video interview here.

Heaving the Inquirer and NY Times

“The winter is not fun, especially when it snows.” YOU GOT TO BE SKILLED TO DO THIS. “Well after a while you get a little knack to it. It’s all wrist and elbow, on the wrist, repetitive motion injuries. You’re doing this every day, you’re flipping and it’

The winter is not fun, especially when it snows.YOU GOT TO BE SKILLED TO DO THIS. Well after a while you get a little knack to it. It’s all wrist and elbow, on the wrist, repetitive motion injuries. You’re doing this every day, you’re flipping and it’s all elbow and wrist so after a while you get sore. My shoulders hurt mostly when the papers are particularly heavy. The black Friday paper, Thanksgiving Day paper, the thing probably weighs about five pounds and everybody gets one.. . ARE YOU THE GUY THAT THREW THE NEWSPAPER THROUGH MY NEIGHBOR’S DOOR? ‘Yep, that was me. WHAT HAPPENED? I think it was a Saturday or Sunday paper and I was trying to get it up on that little landing and it just kept going and knocked the pane of glass out and I can fix that, it would cost me maybe $30, She called the people that come out and fix your glass, it was $250.WAS THAT ON YOU? Oh yeah. Edward Jones, newspaper deliveryman. Watch full video here.

Jaime Perez shoots Kyudo archer

perez emilio release.JPG"I'm a student at Antonelli School of Photography in Erdenheim and today I'm shooting the Japanese Cherry Blossom celebration. We have to do an event for a photojournalism class and I chose to do one outside, enjoy the spring weather a little bit, get to meet some nice people. So this is Emilio. He's been doing the archery for twenty years. I wanted to come here to get a little bit of action pictures and just learn a little about his meditation archery and see how he does it. He's pretty good. He's been shooting some bulls eyes and the arrows are really neat- they go all the way through the board." Jaime Perez, Antonelli School of Photography student at Morris Arboretum. perez camera emilio small.JPG See video here

Germantown Courier , Mt. Airy Express are Finito

karl biemuller.JPG

So this is it for the Mount Airy Express- Germantown Courier? Finito. We are done as of the issue of February 11th. That’ll be our last and it’s on the streets now as a matter of fact. Two things happened. First of all the recession. It’s hurting everyone. It’s certainly hurting the print media badly. We suffered some erosion anyway but I think we would have weathered it. However our parent company [Journal register company]is in very bad financial condition and anything that could be cut had to be cut for their continued existence and we were one of the sacrifices…I do know the gap will be filled because it is a big gap.." Karl Biemuller, Editor